New Customer Help

New to our new online store?  Read on..!

Whether you've never shopped with us before, or if you're a regular visitor who's bewildered by our recent website design change, this page is designed to answer all of your questions.

1. How do I buy from your website?

We've tried to make our online store as intuitive as possible.  Visit any product's web-page and you'll be able to select from various options, and upload your photo/design at the same time.  Once you've added the product(s) to your shopping cart, you'll be able to check-out.

2. What payment options are available?

We prefer PayPal payments via the online store.  If you wish to pay by Credit Card, please use the PayPal option - you do not need a PayPal account to pay by credit card.  When paying by credit card, PayPal act as the payment processor.  You can also send a cheque, but this will delay your order until the cheque has cleared our bank.  International customers should use PayPal.

We are looking to introduce other payment options in the future.

3. Why have your prices increased recently?

For most of our products, our prices haven't increased.  Many have actually decreased while others have stayed the same.

We have recently restructured our prices to incorporate standard postage costs into the price shown next to the item.  This is for two reasons.  The first is so that there are no surprises waiting for you when you reach the checkout stage - you'll always know, at all times, what price you'll be paying.  The second is that our previous shipping cost calculation was based on Royal Mail "Packet" weights.  Although this was correct for many of our items, such as mugs or a dozen coasters, there were a number of items that could be posted using "large letter" weights - such as individual coasters, keyrings, or mousemats.  It is never our intention to overcharge shipping costs and it seemed to be much fairer to our customers if we examined each item to see which of the Royal Mail's postage tiers would be the most economical.  Once this was established, we added the standard 2nd or 1st Class postage rates for the weight of the item to the price.

For example, we used to sell a 4-pack of regular coasters for £5.96 plus postage but now it's £6.96 including postage.  It appears that the price is £1 higher but previously you would have been charged £2.20 for postage (Royal Mail 2nd Class Packet tier) making a total price of £8.16 - so you'll actually be saving £1.20 with the new postage-inclusive prices!

4. I'm a regular customer, can I log in with my old username and password?

We have transferred all accounts from our previous website to the new one.  In the interests of security, your password was not transferred.  To access your account, enter your registered email address in the "Forgotten Password" feature.  You will be sent a password which you can use to log in to your account on this website.  Once you have logged in, you can reset your password to something more familiar to you.

5. I'm a returning customer, and my address in the address book has changed.  What's going on?

The previous online shop used an outdated database of UK county names.  We needed to change these to the current list of county names.  We have done this wherever possible but if you feel that we've changed your address to the wrong county, please edit your address to something more appropriate.  We apologise for the inconvenience.

6. I'm a returning customer, can I view details of my previous orders?

Unfortunately it was not possible to migrate all past orders from our old website to the current website.    If you require a copy of the invoice for your order, please contact us with as many details as you can and we'll email a copy to you.

7. I want to order an item, but I can't upload my photo/design.  Can I still order online?

Yes you can.  We've set the online store to allow adding products to your shopping cart without uploading an image first.  If you do this, please contact us.  We'll be able to provide further details of how to send your photo/design, either by email or through the post.

8. I can't find an item I've bought before.  Where is it?

Part of the website's redesign enabled us to more easily consolidate product options, and you may find the item as one of those product options.  For example, we previously listed all teddy/animal keyrings separately but now each variation is listed as a product option in the "Animal Keyring" product.  Some older/discontinued products for which we have little or no stock have not been migrated to the new online store.

For any other questions, please contact us for further information.