Sending Photos

Our online shop is structured to allow you to upload your photos at the time of your order. This is the quickest way to ensure that we receive your photos and, with online payment, will mean that you'll receive your order in the shortest possible time.

If you wish you can send your photos to us by mail. This is particularly useful if you don't have digital copies of your photos or if your photo is particularly large and of a high quality. In this instance, you would order via the online shop in the usual way but would not upload your photo(s). Complete the order process, including checkout. Send your photo(s) to our mail address with instructions of which items you wish your photos to be used on. Please include a copy of your order (either the order page or confirmation email) with your photos.

We recommend that you send your photos via a traceable Royal Mail service - at a minimum this should be First Class (Recorded). We cannot be held responsible for any photos that are lost, damaged, or delayed in the post.

We do not charge for scanning of your photo for incorporation onto the items in your order, although if you wish the scanned photo to be returned to you in a digital format an additional scanning fee may be applicable. Scanning your photo(s) may delay the speed at which we are able to turnaround your order. We may perform minimal clean up and optimisation of the scanned photo, which may result in the finished item not matching the original photo exactly. However, we will not perform extensive cleanup or repair of damaged or worn photos without an additional cleanup fee being applied. Without this additional payment, we will just transfer the photo as we receive it having performed our standard clean up and optimisation techniques.

We will return your original photo(s) in the form that we receive them as part of the order shipment but we cannot be held responsible for any photos that are lost, damaged, or delayed in the post.

Print Quality

The quality of the reproduction of your supplied photograph/image depends enormously on the quality of the supplied photograph/image.

For optimal quality of reproduction, your photograph/image should be supplied at 300dpi (dots per inch). Sometimes it is possible to produce an acceptable reproduction from a photograph/image that is supplied as low as 100dpi, but the lower the dpi, the lower the quality is likely to be.

300dpi (optimal)
100dpi (minimal)
1,050x1,050 px
350x350 px
Mug (each panel)
1050x900 px
350x300 px
Mug (wrap)
2,400x900 px
800x300 px
El Grande Mug (each panel)
1150x1125 px
383x375 px
El Grande Mug (wrap)
2675x1125 px
890x375 px
3,510x2,490 px
1,170x830 px
4,950x3,510 px
1,650x1,170 px

These dimensions are for guidance only.

The larger the photo is at the optimal dpi, the better quality of the reproduction will be. Usually, very little improvement is noticeable over 300dpi.

The closer your photo size/dpi is to the minimal dpi, the lower quality the reproduction will be. At around 100dpi, the image starts to look blotchy or has jagged edges. We can compensate for this to a small degree but we would prefer to use larger photos and/or photos of a higher dpi wherever possible.

If you're unsure, contact us first. We will always endeavour to use the photo/image you supply with your order. In rare circumstances, where we deem the size/quality of the photo will result in a poor reproduction, we will request that you send a better quality photo/image prior to beginning work on your order. This may result in a delay to your order, so please try and send the best quality photo/image you can.

We can accept photos/designs in a variety of formats, such as PNG for designs with transparent areas or layers or JPG (100% quality where possible).

Copyright Protected Images

Where appropriate you must hold the relevant copyright, intellectual property rights, or agreement from the holder of such rights that any artwork, information or design supplied by you may be used for the purposes of reproduction on the item(s) you order.

We regret that we are only able to reproduce your photo/design for which you have permission from the holder of such rights. In instances of personal photos/designs (such as holiday snaps or photos of your pet that you've taken yourself, or a drawing you've created yourself, etc), then you are the owner of that image's intellectual property rights, otherwise you need to have permission from the owner to allow us to reproduce the image/design.

If you ask us to reproduce a photo/design that we feel is protected in this way, we may ask you if you have permission to use the photo/design from the intellectual property rights holder and to provide proof. We may also check this with the intellectual property rights holder where possible.

Intellectual Property rights protection is there to protect the original owner of the work.

In the event that you provide an image for which you don't have permission to use in this way and, subsequently, we inadvertently reproduce the image in good faith you agree to indemnify us free from any claims that may be made due to misuse.

If you have any queries regarding sending photos through the post or intellectual property rights, please contact us.