How Colour Change Mugs Work

Colour Change Mugs

How Do They Work?

Colour Change Mugs have a unique thermo-sensitive (heat sensitive) colour coating that reacts under heat with the effect that it turns transparent. This enables any image (photograph or logo) that's printed on the mug to be displayed in all its glory.

When the Colour Change Mug is cold, the thermo-sensitive coating retains its colour and this has the effect of hiding the image. Mugs with dark colour thermo-sensitive coatings hide the image better than light colour coatings. Light colour coatings can be useful for creating a unique colour change effect or if your logo is predominantly of the same colour as the coating. In this latter instance, the logo will be hidden better by the mug that has the same colour coating as your image. (Example - a red logo would be mostly hidden by the red colour change Mug.)

Black Colour Change Mug

Black Colour Change WOW Mug

When cold, the black colour hides almost all of the image.

Blue Colour Change Mug

Blue Colour Change WOW Mug

When cold, the blue colour hides most of the image but does not hide the dark colours.

Red Colour Change Mug

Red Colour Change WOW Mug

When cold, the red colour hides only the red and light colours of the image.

Colour Change Mugs are not intended to hide the image totally when the mug is cold, rather they are designed to provide a colour change effect.

Handling Instructions

Colour Change Mugs are not suitable for dishwasher use. Gentle hand cleaning is recommended. Note that extensive/frequent cleaning over a long period may cause the colour of the thermo-sensitive coating to fade. We supply a range of dishwasher-safe white mugs that are better suited to daily use.