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Error 404 - Webpage Missing!

Sorry, I seem to have lost the web-page you were looking for.  It's always the way, isn't it?  You're on the bus, put your shopping basket on the seat, and before you know it you've left your web-page behind.

I'll go back and get it as soon as I can.  Honest, I will.  Trouble is, all these buses look the same.  Actually, now you come to mention it, I think I went by train that day.  Now what will I do?

I'll tell you what.  Let's just say the web-page went out for a long walk on its own and is never coming back.  That'd be believable.  Web-pages are always leaving me.  It's not that I'm a bad website, it's just that they want interesting conversation - but I can't do that.  Not after the day I've had.  Do you know how many web-pages I've had to display today?  Let that one walk out on me, I don't care.  One less web-page I have to worry about.

If you're sure you've typed the right name of the page in the address bar of your internet browser, and that web-page still hasn't come back, don't hang your hat on the idea of ever seeing it again.  Click on the logo to go back to the homepage.  Now that web-page must still be there... mustn't it?  No?